Simplifying Fertilizer Application

Fertileeze offers a fast and affordably way to apply granular controlled-release fertilizer to a large number of container-grown plants. It is particularly useful for commercial growers who need to apply fertilizer to thousands of plants per hour without spilling expensive products. Unlike other more expensive options, Fertileeze applies fertilizer instantly from the lower end of its dispenser wand without any delay.
Some of the key advantages of Fertileeze is that it dispenses fertilizer fast, accurately, safely, very cost effective, and with physical stress.  Fertileeze is calibrated by a simple twist of the adjuster up to 35 grams in 5 gram increments.  Fertilizers will vary slightly in density.

Why choose Fertileeze? Our patented fertilizer applicator is specifically designed to meet the needs of commercial growers, retail centers, landscapers, and backyard nurseries.

Fertileeze stands out as the most cost-effective fertilizer applicator on the market. Thanks to its unique and patented design, our dispenser is significantly more affordable than other options.

With Fertileeze, you can apply over 20,000 doses of controlled-release fertilizer daily, including refill time.  We have been told by commercial growers and nursery owners, the investment in our fertilizer dispenser will pay off within just a few days. Over the past twelve years, we have made numerous improvements to our product based on feedback from growers at trade shows across the country, always keeping cost in mind. This journey has led us to develop the least expensive and least visually appealing tool in the industry for fertilizing large numbers of plants.

The patented wand is the secret to this hand-held applicator. While most applicators have a delay when dropping the product from a container, Fertileeze fills the inner wand with material and dispenses it instantly from the lower end of the wand.  Many of the largest growers in the country use our product and our best customers are those who purchase one or two, later to purchase many more.

If cleaned occasionally it can last for many years and I recently sold several to two differently growers who purchase one twelve years ago.