Joining the nursery industry back in 2000 I’ve always looked at ways to minimise our labour content in how we work, looking after both our staff and our plants. We now have a product that can achieve that.

After years of searching, I’ve found a solution to the labor-intensive task of fertilising our plants. Fertilizing plants has always been a back breaking and tedious chore, carrying a heavy bucket, estimating the right dose, spilling fertiliser when the spoon hits the side of the bucket or the plant pot, we’ve all done it.

I have trialed and used the Fertileeze “Pro 20” for 3 years and I’m totally sold on it.

Our staff no longer sigh when asked to fertilize our plants. They actually look forward to it as it’s now become an enjoyable task. No more bending, no sore backs – Quick and easy.

With the Fertileeze “Pro 20” you’ll not only notice the benefit to your plants getting the right fertilizer dose EVERY TIME, but you will also eliminate spillage AND improve Health and Safety in your workplace.

Have a look at the video and see for yourself – The Fertileeze “Pro 20” really does work!

Keith Marshall

Managing Director, Fertileeze NZ Ltd

We used Sustain 8-4-4 today with our new fertileeze, and it worked great. We did 5000 pots in about 2 hours with no problems clogging or sticking. As I try other combinations, I will let you know how they work.

A great tool, thanks a lot.

Clyde Hisey

Shenandoah Growers, Inc.

We received the 2 Fertileeze Dispensers a lot earlier than I imagined, thank you for your prompt service.

They have been used in our potted nursery and have fast become a valued piece of equipment, they have increased productively immensely.

Nicole Simpson

Fleming's Nurseries Pty Ltd

I still think they do a great job and have definitely saved me time and money. Thanks for everything.

Alan Erwin

Panther Creek Nursery

Yes I like the fertileeze,  used and it definitely saves time. Money? I guess as time is money.

Harold Keiner

My wife and I used it already and we love it. My wife only fills the gallon a little more than half full and she doesn’t get the back pain that comes from bending over to fertilize. I’m curious to know which setting he used for the herbicide. Was it the tablespoon or teaspoon? Even though we have a small nursery and work it part-time it sure is a back and time saver for us!

Tom Weidman

John, I love it!  It sure saves a lot of time and my back. Do you have a referral program? I left a recommendation on the board.


We used the fertileeze distributors today and the crew said they worked great. It really speeded up the process. So thanks for a great product at a good price.

Robyn (Rob) Fletcher

Gardens of The Blue Ridge Inc